17/1/14 All psyched up for nevis bungee and swing. The fearless two bought bungy/swing tickets for the next day while I went shoe shopping in Queenstown/Frankton.

AJ Hackett - Kawarau Bungy Centre, birthplace of the first commercial bungy site.

17/1/14 Lovely kiwi sunset at lake wanaka

Miss the local bakeshop =[

Miss the local bakeshop =[

17/1/14 Wanaka Triathlon (Junior Challenge)

Boaboa food company

137 Ardmore St, Wanaka, New Zealand

Tasty fried takeaway joint facing Lake Wanaka

17/1/14 Day 11: Overexposed! @ Lake Hawea

Summer cruising along SH6  towards Lake Hawea.

17/1/14 Day 11: Our first sight of Lake Wanaka in the Otago region! Finally some awesome weather compared to previous gloomy wet days along the West coast. HAHAHA evidence of our bad self-timers and selfies. Being narcissistic is not easy at all.

16/1/14 Arriving at Haast around 8pm. Oh how I miss the late sunsets, $2 showers in 5mins and cooking at caravan parks at peace. The Haast Pass connecting the West coast to Queenstown closes from 5pm to 7.30am daily, so we had to spend the night at Haast Lodge & MotorparkI think we were also running on an empty tank (always!) and had to wait till the next morning for the only gas station to open. I miss traveling with these suckers!

That little ray of sunshine…

That little ray of sunshine…